I started this site to give me a place where I could share my thoughts and experience on topics that I care about, and fully expect it to evolve over time to reflect my changing interests.
The sections below give an overview of what I’m planning to cover. I’m hoping that others can get something of value from my writing, and the books I recommend. Please get in touch if you have a suggestion for an article, or a book you’d like me to review.


You can expect to find thoughts here on business and leadership, from how to communicate strategy & vision to gain organizational alignment and buy-in, through driving a campaign of organizational change management and overcoming resistors, to team empowerment and the value of authenticity in servant-leadership roles.


In talking about technology, I'll be covering insights into cloud as a strategic enabler, exploring successful continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools & strategies, suggesting reasons why you may need to keep that datacenter for a while, and talking about the merits of platform consolidation. I may also dig into rich media and collaboration tools – a particular passion of mine.


A strong set of values underpins all my personal and professional activities. This helps shape the way that I look at the world, and the things I do every day, and is a central part of who I am. That's not to say that I always manage to live up to my ideals, but it's important to know what you stand for, and to always aim as high as you can. I expect this subject to surface in many of my posts, regardless of topic.


On a more lighthearted note, I'll be sharing some of my hobbies – music in particular – and exploring how they’ve shaped my approach to working in organizations from multinational to micro-startup, from risk-taking (Skydive / Bungee) to empathy & collaboration (improvising music in a band / Scuba with a dive buddy). I think it's really important to have passions outside of work, to balance the demands placed on you every day.